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The name Takacs Creative Services, like any good element of creative, is a product that has multiple layers.  As it suggests, we are a company dedicated to the creation and execution of impactful ideas across a spectrum of mediums.  But our name embodies much of who we are as well.


We are first and foremost a company committed to service: to our clients, to the ideas they wish us to champion, and to the community.  We believe that these elements are intertwined and that success comes from maximizing the outcome for each. 


Creative is a perfect word because it speaks to so much more than just creativity as a product.  It describes a way of thinking, a process, even a person.  It implies that by virtue of thought or imagination or inspiration that something, perhaps even something great, is possible.  Creative not only describes what we offer, but also to what we aspire.


That brings us to our surname, Takacs.  On the surface one can rightly assume that we put our name on our work because we stand behind it.  But the Hungarian name Takacs also translates to ‘weaver’ - someone who interlaces threads or materials into a beautiful, collective whole.  Which means the name Takacs Creative Services figuratively and literally makes us weavers of creative we service for you.



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John Takacs



John is a creative and administrative talent whose diverse and adaptable skill set has earned him accolades across a broad spectrum of media and markets.  For over twenty years, John has demonstrated a special ability to get to the heart of both subject and audience; pulling at the emotions for local not-for-profits, celebrating the brand for international corporations, and awing (and frighting) fans of narrative storytelling.

John combines his creative acuity with a great command of logistics, efficiently producing projects that can range from modest two person shoots to demanding productions that require multiple locations, extensive crews, and robust casts.  His ability to both visualize and execute has helped make him an effective producer as well as a valuable collaborator for other directors and fellow creatives.


As a writer, director, and/or producer John’s work in broadcast commercial, corporate video, live television, and narrative film has been honored with numerous awards including: an Effie Award, Telly Awards, WNY Addy Awards, Rochester Addy Awards, NYS Emmy Nomination, and International Film Festival Honors.  His portfolio includes work for: Wegmans, Walmart, New Era Cap, Fisher-Price, Google, Brooks, Highmark, Milk For Health of WNY, Tops Markets, Excellus/Univera, ESL, Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel, and The United Way of WNY.


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Buffalo, NY 14216

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